Hello business. Hello technology.


Is the speed of technology change challenging your business?  Is it hard to align technical capabilities with your business goals, objectives and regulatory constraints?

Imagine technical people saying hello to your business leaders.  NOW, imagine business leaders saying hello back.

Imagine a happy marriage where business meets technology.


Your key is ENKI.

ENKI is a transformational consulting company.  Our consultants have an average of 28 years of corporate and consulting experience.  We've all been corporate executives and have addressed similar challenges you have everyday.  

We've owned the same problems and hired the same big consulting firms.  If you're frustrated with your results, maybe it's time to hire someone just like you.

We've walked in your shoes.



Find out about our services and how we have helped companies in many different industries.

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Core Values

Our Core Values drive the way we do our work and how we treat our customers and our consultants.

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