Initiating Your Transformation Initiatives.

Tired of not keeping pace with business change
Is a new mobile application your Digital Technology strategy
Do your customers feel the pain of old, obsolete, or manual processes
Do you see your team wrestling with old or disconnected technologies

How does Social Media drive your customers' decisions and your business
Is your business' data secure and do you know what to do WHEN it gets breached

Do transformation efforts take too long, feel too painful, cost too much and eventually have less impact than planned?

We help you take control of your transformation needs regardless of the catalyst
We engage with your employees so our unique transformation approach is long lasting

Not only do we know what you need to do, but we have owned it ourselves.

We have walked in your shoes.



Setting up your business to transform

We re-established alignment across your teams to bring together your enterprise strategy and your functional group's sub-strategies. We develop a competency in your business for strategic program execution. We prepare your team members for the pending changes to achieve strategic goals.  We work with your employees to review and enhance processes, align roles & responsibilities, develop cross-functional understanding, and assess technology enablement capabilities and risks.

  • Define how to deliver strategic outcomes

  • Develop strategic business unit (SBU) strategy and plans

  • Provide a proven approach to cross business alignment

  • Design business capabilities to deliver against strategic objectives

  • Create or redesign functional groups if required

  • Improve executive engagement and collaboration for enhanced communication

  • Develop inter & intra dependencies models (within and across strategic initiatives)

  • Create initial technical and business road maps to stop some work to help fund new efforts and fill gaps to reduce risks


Business Analysis vs. Business Architecture
e-Commerce vs. Digital Transformation
Digitization vs. Digital Transformation
1224 Good Reasons To Think Differently


Differentiated Executive Presence


If you are like other organizations and have disconnects, communications gaps, or technology solutions that just don't seem to address the need or opportunity defined, ENKI, LLC can help you improve understanding, engagement, and collaboration throughout your entire organization.