Delivering Strategic Initiatives.

Is your transformation distracting your team
Are your employees focused on the day-to-day
Are large consulting firms doing your strategic work
Does the current approach "feel right" for long-term corporate growth

Do transformation efforts seem to go on forever and cost too much with little achieved

We help YOU take control of your transformation needs regardless of the catalyst
We engage with your employees so our unique transformation approach is long lasting

Not only do we know what you need to do, but we have owned it ourselves.

We have walked in your shoes.



Transformation & Sustainability

Readying an organization for a transformation is critical however sustaining the momentum is required to achieving the strategic target state and specified goals years into the future.  Our experience and approach engages your employees and helps identify work that can stop, start and wait.  We help prioritize investments required, the skills needed, new roles and responsibilities, and even new organizational designs with reporting relationships.   

  • Identify and measure impacts

  • Define new organizational services, skills, tools, jobs, and reporting structures

  • Assess and define targeted current and future state processes

  • Engage executives to clarify gaps and provide recommendations

  • Develop readiness capability plan, employee transition plans, and project(s)

  • Roll out digital capabilities across functional areas

  • Engage employees to embrace new goals, skills, beliefs, and target state


Re-Creating an Innovative Culture
Transformations Come & Go


Differentiated Executive Presence


If you are like other organizations and have disconnects, communications gaps, or technology solutions that just don't seem to address the need or opportunity defined, ENKI, LLC can help you improve understanding, engagement, and collaboration throughout your entire organization.