We help you execute your transformation needs.

Do you find that...
Innovative competitors are changing your landscape
Digital and social technology are increasing your customer demands
Government regulations are constraining and limiting your enterprise? 

We help our clients transform with more business and technical flexibility in this rapidly changing, demanding, and constraining world

Not only do we know what you need to do, but we have owned it ourselves

We have walked in your shoes



    1) Provide Executive Staff Augmentation to take on Executive Level work that your leaders do not have time to perform.

    2) Perform Interim Leadership in your company while the organization defines, searches, and finds an executive that meets your business and cultural needs.

    • Short-term expert
    • Renew or create your Strategy
    • Create or update a strategic project portfolio
    • Build a succession or transition plan for executives
    • Introduce cross industry leading practices and insights
    • Provide external perspective with executive presence and insight

    transformation Readiness

      We remove the disconnects challenging solution delivery and transformation execution efforts.

      • Identify and measure impacts
      • Assess and define target and future state processes
      • Engage executives, communicate gaps, and provide recommendations
      • Develop readiness capability plan and project(s)
      • Define new structure, roles, responsibilities, standards, tools, and metrics
      • Roll out capabilities across functional areas

      Transformation & Sustainability

      Achieve the strategic target state and specified goals years into the future.  Engage your employees to identify work that can stop, start and wait.  

      • Prioritize investments required
      • Validate the skills needed
      • Redesign the organizational 
      • Identify and measure impacts
      • Define new organizational services, skills, tools, jobs, and reporting structures
      • Engage executives to clarify gaps and provide recommendations
      • Engage employees to embrace new goals, skills, beliefs, and target state

      Leadership Consulting

      We assess the people, process, and technology quickly, because we have been there and done that in our own IT organizations and know what to look for during our assessment. 

      • Standard approach
      • Find savings and quick hits
      • Assess People, Processes and Technology
      • Impartial assessment improves business engagement
      • Deliver observations, examples, and recommendations

      Strategic & Annual Planning

      Define your enterprise.  Align your Strategy across business units.  Develop core capabilities to drive project portfolio execution. Achieve your business goals.

      • Proven 14-step process
      • Engage and collaborate with cross-functional leadership
      • Align technical and business work
      • Build executive level support
      • Improve cross-functional participation
      • Create five year cross-functional road map

      IT leadership & expertise

      Collaborate, architect, engage, align, design, and help drive the strategic business efforts with the cross-functional leadership and IT's most technical to deliver unprecedented outcomes

      • Provide clarity from complexity
      • Engaged as the executive link to programs and projects
      • Interface between business and technology executives
      • Deliver a technologically deep and leadership driven outcome
      • Align cross-functionally technical, business, and leadership standards

      Project Execution Improvement

      Assess and address systemic project execution issues and challenges at a cultural, process, and technical level to ensure delivery of your strategic projects.

      • Train team to think three-dimensionally
      • Define patterns of success
      • Improve process and outcomes
      • Leverage our unique and proven JumpStart approach
      • Provide insight and visibility with full team collaboration
      • Deploy our enterprise Project Execution Improvement (ePIE) methods and tools

      Project Portfolio Development

      Assess, develop, or update an organization’s strategic project to determine how the projects should be structured to cost effectively achieve the business goals

      • Identify upfront savings
      • Create strategic road map
      • Proactively address troubled Strategic Projects
      • Identify initiatives, programs, and projects gaps
      • Seek out duplicate or synergistic projects to improve investment impact


      Achieve maximum PMO delivery performance despite the distributed physical and geographic nature of your business and the existing PMO delivery structure.

      • On-site project setup
      • Off-site project administration
      • Engaged mentoring and coaching
      • Managed projects meetings
      • Optimize vPMO collaboration and communication
      • Proven approach improves execution consistency

      Differentiated Executive Presence


      If you are like other organizations and have disconnects, communications gaps, or technology solutions that just don't seem to address the need or opportunity defined, ENKI, LLC can help you improve understanding, engagement, and collaboration throughout your entire organization.