Our Story


Before we started ENKI, LLC, we walked in your shoes. We were corporate leaders for Fortune 500 companies and owned the delivery of strategic initiatives and goals. As executives, we were looking for -- and couldn’t find -- consultants interested in forming a real strategic partnership. A partner that walked in our shoes, could solve real business conundrums, and could be a trusted surrogate leader that imparted knowledge to our team. We didn’t need another dusty report or a bank of MBA analysts fresh out of school. 

So, the story begins

In 2006, ENKI, LLC merged the leadership skills of our founder, Sondra Dillon, with clients needing transformational execution that could not be found in other firms. Today, ENKI continues to grow and is delivering high value leadership skills to clients with a team of executive consultants across the country engaging in strategic, transformational, and improvement efforts.  

This woman-owned business is a different kind of consulting organization. Our team of experts are proven corporate innovators and high caliper leaders ready to take on your challenges. We engage with Industry and academic leaders who have lived it and can “walk-in-your-shoes.” We operate our business like you operate yours. There are no hidden charges or novice consultants learning on the job. You pay for real experienced people that roll up their sleeves and lead by example.   

What does this mean for our clients? Our executive consultants bring a fresh approach to business challenges. They know your pain. They have lived your life. And, just as important, they deliver what they say they will deliver. As an extension of your leadership, ENKI executive consultants work with your team to define, design, and deliver what you have asked within a timeframe that only someone with decades of experience can deliver.  

Thirteen years and counting: Our unique consulting approach has been developed over the last 13 years and is a direct outcome of our successful efforts with corporate executives to turnaround projects and to deliver strategic transformational initiatives. We never do the work for your team, hand-off a deliverable and walk away. We engage all members of your team, across all functional groups to ensure there is collaboration, understanding and engagement that remains long after we leave. 

Our approach is designed to enable your team, not to avoid your team.

Founder & Managing Director

Founder &
Managing Director

Sondra Dillon | Founder, Owner & Managing Director

Sondra started ENKI, LLC in 2006 after being the Director of Marketing at Verizon Wireless where she collaboratively helped define the digital communications market, built out the retail footprint, and introduced innovative programs such as unlimited calling. She is currently PMP certified and a licensed real estate agent in Pennsylvania, all obtained to help her clients.    

Sondra helps transform companies to improve revenue and is a driving force behind ENKI, LLC's Core Values and strategic intent. Her passion to deliver the consulting services to customers that she could not find as an executive at Verizon Wireless is what started ENKI, LLC and continues to drive every decision.