Short-term IT help when needed

Is your CIO, CTO, CISO, or VP of IT Operations resign
Did your data center just fail and take 2 days to recover
Do you know the risk of system failure or of a data breach
Are your IT operating costs more than 60% of your IT budget
Do you think Cloud, Digital, SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, or TaaS are new apps for your iPhone

We help you retake control of your critical IT capabilities

Not only do we know what you need to do, but we have owned it ourselves.

We have walked in your shoes.



IT Leadership

Recent IT challenges triggered by regulations, disruptive technology, external threats and internal skill stagnation are driving greater short-term needs to your IT leadership.  Let us help take some of that off their plats to allow them more time to focus on the strategic efforts.

We perform different IT leadership roles based on what the organization defines as needed and based on cultural needs.

  • Short-term architecture, security, or technical expert

  • IT Strategy and road mapping

  • Enterprise IT Governance with prioritized project portfolio and ROI

  • IT financial planning, budgeting, reporting and overall fiscal responsibility

  • Leadership succession and/or transition planning

  • Contract and technology cross industry-leading practices and insights

  • Executive presence and insight with external experience and examples

  • Extra oversight to increase performance and stability while positioning strategically

  • Assess current team and provide suggested improvements for consideration


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e-Commerce vs. Digital Transformation
Why 70% of your projects fail to deliver value
Digitization vs. Digital Transformation
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Strategic and Annual Planning

Define your functional organization to align with your Business Strategy and develop core capabilities around Project Portfolio execution to achieve your business goals.

We assess the people, process, and technology quickly because we have been there and done that in our own IT organizations and know what to look for during our assessment.

  • Proven 14-step development process (methodology)

  • Align all business and technology enablement work

  • Build "C" level support through engagement and collaboration

  • Improve cross-functional participation

  • Develop a prioritized program portfolio with ROI(s)

  • Create five-year cross-functional road map with Target and Future State

  • Find savings and quick hits to fund effort

  • Assess people, processes, and technology

  • Impartial assessment improving business collaboration and engagement

  • Deliver observations, examples, and recommendations

  • Deliver prioritized program and project portfolios for annual operating plan using total cost of ownership (TCO) and return on investment (ROI)

  • Deliver future state roadmap with target state and estimated returns (ROI)


Re-Creating an Innovative Culture
Transformations Come & Go
Strategic Negotiations


Differentiated Executive Presence


If you are like other organizations and have disconnects, communications gaps, or technology solutions that just don't seem to address the need or opportunity defined, ENKI, LLC can help you improve understanding, engagement, and collaboration throughout your entire organization.