What is Business Architecture?

ENKI's Definition:

Business Architecture is about learning how a business needs to change, designing the change, communicating it to others in their own language, getting everyone on board, and leading the transition.

As part of ENKI’s Business Architecture offering, we create and influence a range of business designs that tie to the business strategy and inform executives.  We design business systems that identify, link and consider the benefits, implications challenges, and realities of the higher-level strategy.


ENKI's Approach:

ENKI delivers the smartly managed vision of the connection and integration of business components (processes, systems, people) into the realization of the business strategy.

This is a core foundation of what we do and supports everything we work on and deliver.  As you can imagine, there is not a single deliverable that should be able to accomplish this vision.  ENKI provides a varying degree of deliverables based on client needs.  Although this is the foundation for what we do, our approach is based on decades of experience in improving the execution of business strategy and transformational initiatives.  

ENKI believes in focused execution and hence deliverables that fill in the details with your teams to help clarify the path to the smartly managed vision.  In the end your teams have the material created along the way and the experience set to know what to do with it to enable your business and achieve your goals.  This is what no one else delivers.