ENKI’S Unique Business Architecture Value Formula

Since its founding in 2006 ENKI, LLC has differentiated its Business Architecture offering through the extensive experience of our consultants, who are uniquely versed in the concepts of architecture vs. analysis.   ENKI is, in fact the only firm with both a certified building Architect that also teaches and certifies business architects as part of an MBA program and the inventor of the concept of Business Architecture (first publicly launched and discussed in March of 2000).   Coupled with practitioners having an average of 16 years of business architecture practice experience, ENKI is the only firm to be able to quantify the business impact of business architecture work for clients. 

Through an iterative approach leveraging our expertise, ENKI has developed a process that reliably predicts the effort required and value resulting from Business Architecture initiatives.   Our lead consultants have found over the last two decades of performing Business Architecture work how best to assess, estimate, and measure the work needed as well as the potential impact of a business architecture effort.  We represent this approach with our BA simplicity formula:

Where the variables are:

Bb$ = Business benefit

Bt * Fn  =  The maximum number of goals (g) for which the benefit can be summed-up equals # of Business Transformations (Bt) * Fn (the # of transformation efforts planned <times> the number of business / Functional units those transformations need to successfully occur)

Bt = # of planned Business transformation initiatives (Acquisitions / integrations, IT ERP implementations, New customer drive, etc.)
Fn = # of Functional Groups in the company (total)

g = individually quantified business unit strategic goals

i = Index of summary (start with the first one and begin summarizing from there to the maximum number of Bt * Fn)