“Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision.”
— Peter F. Drucker


“It is not a slippery slope, it is a cliff.”  At ENKI, our integrity is our brand.  There are no hidden agendas, hidden sales, or consultants learning how to do the job. We stay true to our word and deliver what we promise.



ENKI prides itself on being honest.  Our employees are aware that successes and failures are both learning opportunities.  Our experience has shown that even when there is bad news, it is best to address it early and openly.



ENKI trusts our employees to execute their commitments, but we verify with quality reviews.  We trust that you and your team know your business.  We trust our clients in words and actions while we verify with analysis and group sessions. 



ENKI respects the individual, your business, and your culture.  We realize that without respect we will miss critical information that drives our other core values. 


Continuous Improvement

It is a step, not a leap.  We believe that continuous professional learning is the key to sustained success.  Our consultants take time outside of consulting work to explore new areas of interest and to contribute to society in an effort to improve themselves, their surroundings, and your outcomes.